Hyundai domestic sales up by 5.9%

New Delhi, September 1, 2012:
Hyundai domestic sales up by 5.9%

Hyundai Motor India Ltd (HMIL), the country’s second largest car manufacturer and the largest passenger car exporter, registered around 5.9% growth in domestic sales for the month of August 2012. The domestic sales accounted for 28257 units compared to 26677 units for the same month last year.

Commenting on the sales, Mr Rakesh Srivastava, Vice President, National Sales, HMIL said, “The market continued to be sluggish but Hyundai domestic sales have grown due to increased preference of diesel vehicles and niche consumer focused promotions. The launch of neo Elantra also enhanced and strengthened the sales performance in premium segment. However, the overall market demand is suppressed due to general inflationary trend, high fuel prices and interest rates. Unless any major triggers get activated, market sentiment is not expected to improve very much.”

R. Sethuraman appointed Director, Finance and Corporate....

Chennai, 14th August 2012:
R. Sethuraman appointed Director, Finance and Corporate Affairs at Hyundai Motor India

Hyundai Motor India today announced that Mr. R. Sethuraman, Senior Vice- President – Finance and Corporate Affairs has been elevated as a Member of the Board of Directors of Hyundai Motor India Limited (HMIL). Mr. R. Sethuraman will continue to handle both Finance and Corporate Affairs functions at HMIL apart from being a trustee of HMIL’s Corporate Social Responsibility arm Hyundai Motor India Foundation. Mr. R. Sethuraman, a chartered accountant, joined HMIL 13 years ago.

Hyundai Launches the neo Fluidic Elantra....

New Delhi, August 13, 2012:
Elantra in executive segment makes Hyundai a full line-up manufacturer

Hyundai Motor India Ltd, country’s largest passenger car exporter and second largest manufacturer today announced the launch of the neo Fluidic Elantra in India. The neo Fluidic Elantra boasts of futuristic design, luxurious interiors, advanced High-end features and cutting-edge technology.
Speaking at the launch, Mr. B S Seo, Managing Director & CEO, HMIL said, “The Elantra has received an overwhelming response worldwide. We are confident that it will raise the bar and set a new benchmark in the executive car segment in India. With contemporary styling, design and all the advanced features the neo Fluidic Elantra will give an immense driving pleasure and comfort to the customers in India.”

“The launch of the neo Fluidic Elantra in the executive segment makes Hyundai a full line-up manufacturer,” he added.

The Elantra is a globally successful sedan and has received much international recognition. It has been awarded the “2012 North American Car of the Year” at the Detroit Auto Show.

Hyundai Launches 6th Nationwide ‘Always Around’ campaign

New Delhi, June 22, 2012:
Hyundai Launches 6th Nationwide ‘Always Around’ campaign Offers a 17-point check-up with oil top-up facility across 511 locations in India

With the novel idea of ‘Always There, Because We Care’, Hyundai Motor India Ltd, the country’s largest passenger car exporter and the second largest car manufacturer, is back again with its nationwide service initiative - ‘Always Around’ campaign in a mega avatar for the sixth consecutive year.

Starting from June 24 the ‘Hyundai Always Around’ campaign will provide free check-ups for its customers at convenient locations. Last year the camp was organized at around 8,383 locations all over the country.

This year, the ‘Hyundai Always Around’ campaigns has grown much wider in terms of locations and reach and will continue till December, 2012 covering 8,800 locations all over the country on Saturdays and Sundays wherein Hyundai will be reaching out to around 110,000 customers in an effort to make them smile by ensuring that their car is in top condition. Over 7,500 vehicles across 511 locations nationwide are expected to register at the camps on the launch day.

The mega ‘Hyundai Always Around’ campaign will be conducted at various locations which customers in their normal course of life frequent on an everyday basis like Joggers Park, Shopping Malls, Multiplexes, Select Residential Blocks, etc to enable Hyundai to come closer to the customer and provide best services. What makes the ‘Always Around’ campaign a truly innovative one is that it reaches the customer at a time and a place where it is most convenient for them at no extra cost and helps them save time. For example while the customer is busy shopping in a mall his car is serviced and cleaned, this saves him both time and money as it is a free service, plus there is free advice from trained technicians that is valuable in the future.

Announcing the launch of the campaign, Mr. Arvind Saxena, Director, Sales & Marketing HMIL, said, “At Hyundai we always aim at providing our customer with a trouble-free experience right from the sales process. We invest heavily on research for understanding the needs of our customer and accordingly deliver products and put in our best efforts towards after sales services. The ‘Hyundai Always Around’ campaign is aimed at reinforcing our bond with our valued customers. It has been a great success over the years as we have been witnessing huge response from our large customer base. We are confident that this year as well our customers will benefit from this programme and we will be able to carry forward our relationship to the next level”

The ‘Hyundai Always Around’ campaign will offer a comprehensive 17 point check-up with oil top-up and a thorough examination of the vehicle and services such as tyre and vehicle polishing, coolant and oil top-up. The Hyundai team will also collect suggestions and feedback on the performance of the vehicle and after sales service. The customers will also have a chance to see and test-drive the latest Hyundai cars which would be there on display at the venue.

Hyundai’s new i10 TVC featuring SRK goes on air

New Delhi, June 12, 2012:

Hyundai’s new i10 TVC featuring SRK goes on air

Hyundai Motor India Ltd’s (HMIL) new TV commercial for the Next Gen i10 featuring Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan goes on air today; Khan is supported by Manajari Phadnis who plays the female lead in the commercial. The TVC is built around the theme of, “The World is on your side when you drive an i10,” -- the film unfolds to show how “good things” happen to Khan as soon as he gets into an i10.

Announcing the launch of the new television commercial, Mr. Arvind Saxena, Director Marketing and Sales, HMIL, said, “The i10 has been one of our most successful cars, with the new commercial we want to reiterate the message that the i10 continues to be a preferred choice with competition nowhere close to it in styling, features or mileage.”

The storyline revolves around the “good” things that the i10 brings to its owners. As Khan starts driving the car, he gets great company in the form of Manjari next to him. And the weather that was looking ominous also begins to turn sunny as he drives along. The whole theme has been explained with the help of a device that is a -- “benevolent imaginary hand” this hand makes Khan’s luck turn good. The commercial depicts how the i10 becomes a means of acquiring a life that is brilliant.

The i10 was launched in October 2007. It was awarded the Indian Car of the Year Award in 2008. In September 2010 the Next Gen i10 was launched.